Working Process

Jola Marketing is a results driven digital agency offering clients a range of services.

My approach is simple, concise, and is based on an in-depth understanding of your business objectives. My focus is to help you find, acquire and grow your customer base while ensuring that every penny spent has a positive return.


Understanding the business challenges and competition and clearly defining the problem needing to be solved.


Identify a path to success with clear, actionable and attainable goals.


Visualize results making it easy to understand if efforts are achieving goals.


With proper measurement in place try anything and everything to improve metrics.

Areas of Focus

Spending over 15 years in the digital marketing, I have a broad, yet in-depth understanding of all major aspects of digital marketing.


Ensuring the major search engines can your site and important content.


Paid placements in key channels to generate additional traffic.


Reporting on all activity in one centralized location.

Marketing Automation

Ensuring your audience gets the right message at the right time.

Social Media

Utilizing ads to ensure posts are seen by your followers.

Content Marketing

Non-paid placements in your managed channels to drive additional traffic.


What do you want in your consultant? Someone who’s an expert in their field but also an expert in your business. Someone who is knowledgeable but speaks your language. Someone that goes beyond the scope of work to add value to your bottom line in any way they can. Josh is all of those things!

Michelle Cook

Josh is a straight-up digital rockstar who understands the relationship between online media and it's impact on business success. He stays up on all the technology trends and knows when to pull the trigger on something that will produce results towards the bottom line.

Bob Stanke


I would love to learn more about your business challenges and offer suggestions how Jola Marketing can help you and your website.