Slide Slide Slide Franchise Marketing & Retail Promotion Increase local visibility, expand customer base and attract new customers to your retail location.

Paid Social Campaigns

Go where people spend their most time online. With the many targeting options available in Facebook retailers can target shoppers as broad or specific as they would like.

Location based targeting (cities, zip codes, etc.)

Behavior based targeting

Previous visitors to your website

Frequent or recent customers (with email)

Organic Search & SEO

Ensuring the major search engines can crawl and rank important content. This requires focusing on technical SEO as well as On-Page and Off-Page SEO.

Ensuring your website is crawl-able with few technical errors

Identify high traffic keywords

Monitor and improve rankings for frequently searched keywords

Monitor website performance for key SEO errors and warnings

Local Search & Business Listings

Ensure your business is listed properly with the major search providers. Sites includes Google and Facebook but you also want to ensure you're listed with other key sites like Yelp, CityPages, Acxiom and more.

Accruate address, phone, website and description

Constant monitoring to ensure your listings are accurate, complete and not duplicated

Email Marketing

If you have a customer list that includes email, you should be sending regular, informative emails to customers giving them a reason to come back.

Send exclusive coupons

Notify past customers of upcoming sales

New product updates or inventory changes

Campaign & Website Reporting

It's important to identify KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and monitor them regularly to ensure progress is being made.

Paid Search Campaigns

Paid Social Campaigns

Website Traffic & SEO Performance

Email Marketing

Pricing Plans

Pick the Marketing Channels that make the most sense for your location.
Packages include Ad Spend and Management.

  • Basic Plan

  • Starting at $399

    per month
  • Basic marketing support

    Media & Management

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  • Pro Plan

  • Starting at $549

    per month
    • 50% increase in promotions from Basic Plan

    Media & Management

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  • Premium Plan

  • Starting at $699

    per month
    • 50% increase in promotions from Pro Plan

    Media & Management

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